Human papilloma, is a silent enemy of women, but nature has the solution!


Although it is true, we all know the human papilloma virus, a virus that generates a kind of deformation similar to a tumor on our skin, with a brown shape and a soft consistency. However, this tumor is usually totally benign.

Human papilloma virus, or usually HPV, is usually highly contagious. The agent that causes it can be transmitted through a contact as simple as a handshake or a sexual illness.

On the other hand it can be infected by infected objects through wounds such as scratches, scrapes, etc.

It usually manifests as the wrinkles we know and few give great importance to these. However, if you have any on your face, especially in an area near your eyes, mouth or nose, it is important to have help from specialists. You can even try alternative methods to conventional creams.



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