Cornmeal Face Scrub – 3 DIY Recipes Included

If laziness if the only reason to avoid facial, I’ve plenty of reasons to exfoliate your skin. Beauty experts say that you must exfoliate your skin twice a week.

What? I’ve no time to make my own face scrub.

Hold on, cornmeal face scrub is an exception. It takes no more than few minutes to make this innate remedy.

Why it’s Important to Exfoliate Your Skin?

Increased pollutants around you and regular shedding of dead cells by your skin may result in blackheads.

  • Exfoliating enables deep cleansing and thus thwarts impurities.
  • Apart from that regular massaging will improve blood circulation and therefore make you look much younger.
  • Face scrubs help to get rid of excess sebum accumulation over the skin.
  • There are few home available ingredients that can help to remove ingrown hair.


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