10 Mistakes With Contact Lenses That Could Damage Your Eyes


Contacts are supposed to make our life easier. They are lighter than glasses and convenient, but that convenient comes with cost. It’s very easy to make some common contact errors in our regular life that hurt our eyes.

However, how can something so small, something you cannot feel and something that lead to cause of so much potential damage, is just it all comes down to the proper care.

Do you know more than 41 million people in USA wear contact lenses and one third of people wearing contact lenses often experience eye infections with immense pain?

Even though American academy of ophthalmology has implemented safety recommendations for people wearing contact lenses and the people need to have minimum knowledge to protect their eyes from certain infections because of contact lenses.

This article will help you to know some common mistakes done by the people with contact lenses that damage eyes.

1. Not Properly Cleaning Your Lenses

It’s always important to handle your lenses with proper care and to make sure everything stays as sanitary as possible always wash your hands before handling your lenses. It is also important to clean your lenses before storing them in their case with fresh solution.

2. Using Tap Water To Clean Your Lenses

This is one of the big mistakes you do with your lenses. Because, tap water is not sterile and cleaning lenses with it can lead to bacteria and other harmful pathogens clinging on the lenses.

So, you must avoid rinsing your lenses with tap water to prevent eye diseases like cornea and inflammation and redness which can impair vision.

3. Wearing Contacts For Too Long

If you think wearing contacts for too long is not a big deal, then you’re absolutely wrong. Wearing them for too long can lead to permanent scarring and sometimes even loss of vision.

Generally contacts sit on the top of corneas which do not have blood vessels to bring or pass oxygen to them. It is the tears that do its job, but tears cannot reach out to cornea when you wore contacts as they act as shields.

Removing them from time to time will help you to allow oxygen that reaches to cornea. Avoid wearing them too long no matter what to prevent certain risks associated with lenses.

4. Sleeping In Your Contacts

Just like you shouldn’t wear your contacts for more days than their prescribed length, you shouldn’t wear them more hours than recommended.

Sleeping with your contacts will often deprive the corneas of oxygen that lead to irritation and discomfort, sometimes a serious infection too.  It even increases the risk of complications that can permanently impact your vision. So, try to remove them before sleeping.


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